Cupis: Gianni Gebbia/ soprano saxophone 
Giovanni Verga/ electroacoustic instruments

Released January 16, 2018 
Recorded in Berlin October 2017 at Quadrupidus Studios. 
A co-production by Objet-a and Fieldoscope, Berlin 2018

The album Artico Nero was highly inspired by the book 'Artico Nero' written by the anthropologist Matteo Meschiari and from which the record takes the same name. 
The image suggested by Meschiari brought Giovanni Verga to that 'abstract exoticism' where 'wilderness' meets the colossal disintegration of the Arctic: "That extreme north where the end of a world, is anticipating the end of the world," - M.Meschiari 

For more info about the book:

This record would never have existed without the inspiring stories and unique anthropology of Matteo Meschiari 

Thank you also to the idea of Gianni Gebbia who wisely brought together Matteo and Giovanni at the "Anassimandro" festival in Palermo in March 2017 and where the music of Artico Nero was played after the reading of Matteo Meschiari.

Released June 7, 2017 

Composed, mixed and mastered in Berlin by Giovanni Verga

Released May 2, 2017 
Sam Rouanet: guitar and effects 
Giovanni Verga: computer, no input mixer, Korg Ms20 and selfmade music-box 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Rouanet and Giovanni Verga @ Ivory Tower Studio in Berlin

Since 2004, Japan has been a yearly destination for Sam Rouanet. Over those years Sam has been DJing, playing live as a guitarist, composing, and organizing creative workshops in conjunction with the French Institute (Alliance française) and the University of Seika in Kyoto. The French-born, Berlin-based musician has been forging strong ties and collaborating with a plethora of talented Japanese musicians over the years. He’s had the privilege of playing throughout Japan, one of many highlights being the incredible Super Deluxe club in Roppongi, Tokyo. This is where magic happened with drummer Ryusaku Ikezawa & saxophonist Takashi Matsumoto. Sam and Ryusaku have played together many times in Japan and this time they were joined by the dynamic Takashi. Their music can be both sparse and osmotic, traversing between free jazz and a cinematic, ambient vibe. The raw sound of the Japanese duo meshes perfectly with Sam’s electronic/noise guitar. A magic night and a magic collaboration.

Released on January 23, 2017 for Fieldoscope

Sam Rouanet: guitar and effects 
Ryusaku Ikezawa: drums 
Takashi Matsumoto: sax

Second album of the italian electroacustic italian duo based in Berlin 
Released 21 September 2015 
Giovanni Verga : electronics, keyboards 
Gianni Gebbia: Bb soprano saxophone 
Sara Picco ( videos )

Mixed and mastered by Giovanni Verga 

Produced by Objet-a in collaboration with Fieldoscope Berlin 2015


The collaboration between Giovanni Verga and Nico Lippolis brings to the discovery of a dark area where the anatomy of the sound is crumbling and transformed into spherical and organic matter. The sound of percussion, distant memory of the primordial, conducts and hypnotizes the listener, moving, creating and recreating itself as well as a seed creates its fruit without being able to know a priori its shape, its color and its flavor. Their research always starts with that "something" and investigates and looks at that unpredictability and mystery that are untranslatable and impenetrable. 

All tracks were composed and performed by: 

Nico Lippolis: Drums, Percussions, Voice 

Giovanni Verga: Electronic, Keyboards, piano 

Released on December 13, 2014 for Fieldoscope  

Mastered by Vitaliano Zurlo at Phase out Studio.
Cover picture by: Salvatore Guadagna

"Quadri", the first album of Fieldoscope, is an extemporary composition by Giovanni Verga and Ariele Caltabiano. In this work, drones and soundscape-recordings are played through speakers placed inside the soundboard of an upright piano to take advantage of its resonance and to bring an homogenous sound together with the piano played and the acoustics of the room. 
Last piece is a mixture of field-recordings from Etna Vulcano and Tiergarten park, an homage to the lands where both artists come from (Sicily) and live in (Berlin). 
Giovanni Verga: piano, electronic and fx 
Ariele Caltabiano: drones, soundscapes

Released June 25, 2014 for Fieldoscope

Artwork by Graziella Russo.